Oras offers professionals a wide range of durable and high quality products which are easy to install. From the vast range of products and latest novelties, you can easily find just the rights products for your project.

Why Oras

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We have specialised products for many industries and application areas where quality, sustainability and durability have a central role.


Whether you have a small or a big project in your hands, we will help you to plan and choose the right solutions for your needs.


Here you can find relevant tools, information and training needed to ensure successful installation of Oras faucets and showers.

Why Oras?

Easy installation

Easy installation

Easiness of installation is at the core of Oras products, and a great example of this is the new patented 3S-Installation system for quick installation. The new system has been developed together with installers and means easier installation – and more installations per day.

Standing for quality and durability

Standing for quality and durability

Oras stands for durable, high quality products. The quality of our products is based on the Nordic excellence which means that they are long-lasting and timeless in function and form. Our broad portfolio of products covers all categories from home to public spaces.

Pioneer of advanced faucets and showers

Pioneer of advanced faucets and showers

Oras manufactured the first touchless faucet more than 30 years ago. Today our smart, Bluetooth-connected faucets are leading the pack. Designed to promote hygiene and safety, our smart faucets limit the spread of germs by 85% and some models can reduce hot-water accidents through automatic temperature control. 

Design means user-friendliness

Design means user-friendliness

Exquisite, smart design has always characterized Oras. For us design is more than visual – it means user-friendliness and easiness to use. We think about design from our customer’s point of view and what is easiest for them. Design of our products is based very much on Nordic traditions: durability, high quality, solidness. These values have been in the heart of our product development since the beginning.


Smooth processing from the order transmission to order confirmation and requirements forecast to query handling and tender submission – all of this is provided by Oras on registration in the supplier portal.


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© Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH / Günter Wicker

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